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Guy Wedding Registries: Ask & Ye Shall Receive


Guy Wedding Registries: Ask & Ye Shall ReceiveWhile the wedding to-do list may seem like a chore for most guys, there is something that may just grab your attention more than picking out centerpieces or talking about up-do hairstyles -- and thatÍs wedding registries. WeÍre not talking about wedding registries where you aimlessly follow your betrothed around in the kitchen and linens section of a department store and where the only thing you have to look forward to is the little scanner gun. Think bigger, better and let out a caveman grunt and make your own wish list at a store that stocks home improvement, electronics, and even outdoor recreation items! While youÍre shopping around, you also may just find the perfect something to give as groomsmen gifts.

There is no reason why the bride should always be the beneficiary of the wedding gift deluge. Especially with so many wedding showers are now being hosted as couples events. Even though most guests attach a card addressing both the new Mr. and Mrs., itÍs pretty darn clear upon unwrapping for whom the tea cozies, fingertip towels and perfumed soaps are intended _ and itÍs not you!

TodayÍs grooms are signing up in droves for registries at testosterone-infused stores such as Home Depot, the Apple Store or national sporting good outlets. Or, at a minimum, making sure their interests are being reflected on the brideÍs list of domesticities. The majority of wedding guests really want to give something that the bride or groom actually wants, not cash or some recycled gifts from their own wedding. This is why men should make sure that they get their two cents in, and hopefully end up with some really cool stuff to start feathering a nest --- er, decking out a den.

Not sure where to start? Big ticket electronics are always a coup, such as a plasma television for the media room (the one you could never afford) or a new computer that can help manage your new household (and host your gaming)! If youÍre more of a fix-it guy, sign up for power and traditional looks to gear up your garage for future home and car do-it-yourself projects. Or, take advantage of the early years of marriage when you can head out and tackle adventure without too many responsibilities waiting behind. Creating a registry for kayaks, tents, engraved pocket knives, or even an exotic vacation is another way to get what you really want.

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