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Trends in Groomsmen Attire


Trends in Groomsmen AttireWith all eyes on the bride, many grooms and groomsmen discount the importance of their appearance during the wedding festivities. Even though your eyes might be affixed on your stunning wife-to-be and your groomsmen may be ogling the bridesmaids, donÍt overlook the fact that plenty of other people will be focused on the style of the groom and his wedding posse. Here are some stand-out groomsmen attire trends for your stand-up guys: Bow Tie Be Gone: Many of todayÍs modern groomsmen are opting out of the traditional bow tie when it comes to the formal tuxedo look. Experts in the tux industry say that men are choosing long ties, such as cravats, in lieu of the classic bow tie. A thoughtful choice in inexpensive groomsmen gifts would be to gift each personalized tie clip to wear with their wedding ensemble. Tossing the Tux: In other weddings, grooms have given their groomsmen the exciting news that a tuxedo is not needed for the big day. Instead, a more casual and contemporary look is trending this year such as coordinating everyone in matching khakis and sports jackets and adding a unifying touch such as matching pocket squares, ties or socks. Even snazzy engraved cufflinks are a welcomed choice in groomsmen gift ideas. Another plus of this option is that many men can wear items they already own, thus cutting down on the costs of being in your wedding party. Unique Boutonnieres: A novel way to have your groomsmen feel different from the next, yet still coordinated, is to have the florist design every single boutonnire to be a little different. While the array of flowers and colors worn on the jacket should fall under the brideÍs overall color scheme and theme, there is no reason why each guyÍs boutonnire has to be a carbon copy of the next. ItÍs a subtle and sophisticated way to show your style. Wearable Groomsmen Gifts: Marry practicality and hospitality by presenting your attendants with groomsmen gifts that can be worn on your special day and for many years to come. For example, personalized cufflinks engraved with a monogram are the perfect pick for the executives in your line-up who are sure to wear them again to many important business meetings. Plus, if you get cufflinks that suit each recipientÍs personality, youÍll appear to be the thoughtful groom who doesnÍt give one-size-fit-all, cookie-cutter groomsmen gifts.

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