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How To Stay Awake on the Big Day

Posted on May 08, 2011. 0 comments

How To Stay Awake on the Big DayLetÍs face it getting married is a tiring experience. There is a hustle and bustle of activity for the groom in the weeks leading up to the ceremony from tuxedo fittings, shopping for groomsmen gifts, finalizing honeymoon plans and attending bachelor parties. All this extra energy spent above and beyond your normal pop-a-beer-and-watch-the-game free time, is bound to make even the most indefatigable guy feel tired. If you want to feel a little more with-it for your wedding reception, here are a few tips to get more energy:

Reschedule the bachelor party. Having your big guy's night out the evening before your wedding is asking for trouble, especially trouble in the name of a terrible hangover. Ideally, you'd like to have your bachelor party a week or two before the wedding. However, this is inconvenient for many out-of-town guests, so at a minimum, try to have your bachelor party at least the two days before your wedding. So if the wedding is on Sunday, then have the bachelor party no later than Friday. This should accommodate your guests and help make sure everyone is recovered in time for the walk down the aisle. Plus, having your stag party earlier gives you a stand-alone time to present your unique groomsmen gifts away from the wedding.

Delegate responsibilities. Pick responsible wedding attendants and make good use of them! You can have your groomsmen, ushers and family help with many of the wedding errands and chores. When you delegate tasks such as having buddies pick up out-of-towners at the airport or allow family members to wrap groomsmen gifts, you'll save yourself from getting too stressed out.

End your reception. Some guests at your reception would be more than happy to keep on partying down as long as the music is playing, beverages are flowing and bride and groom are on the scene. This can put a strain on the newlyweds who want to be gracious hosts. However, the bride and groom should have no qualms about ending the reception after a hospitable amount of time with an official exit including rice throwing and an official getaway car!

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