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Eat, Drink and Get Married (Especially Drink)


Eat, Drink and Get Married (Especially Drink)

Attention, grooms. Speak up and be heard about your preferences on the most important part of your wedding reception _ the adult beverages. If the bride has taken charge of the wedding cake details down to the last dark-chocolate-with-raspberry-filling detail, then by all accounts of fairness the selection of liquor should be appointed to the groom. Just like the cake and the reception food, the choices you pick for beverages reflect on the overall style of your wedding.

Beer: This is always the go-to choice for the groom who is no-frills. Beer can be incorporated into the menu and is sure to quaff the thirst of your wedding attendants and old college fraternity brothers _ toss in personalized beer mugsand it can be your groomsmen gifts! Consider using local beers that capture the spirit of your location for out-of-town guests. But, unless you are having a wedding reception where beer universally fits the mood, such as at a BBQ or the groomsmen are wearing Lederhosen, it is probably best to include other libations.

Champagne and Wine: It is traditional for the bride and groom to be toasted during the reception with a glass of champagne served to each guest. For the guests that choose not to consumer alcohol, it is always a nice gesture to have a sparkling juice available so that they do not feel left out of the festivities. Wine is also an expected choice for weddings, but can also be used in an unexpected way. Consider having a wine-tasting area set up at the bar where guests are served small portions of several various types of wine.

Signature Drinks: Creating a signature cocktail a fun way to show your personality and tie in the theme of the event. It can be a tried-and-true drink, like a hot toddy with monogrammed swizzles, or a completely new recipe. Think of a fun name for the drink and serve in fitting barware, even personalized glasses that can be taken home as a wedding favor. For example, a drink made with Blue Curacau could be served in a hurricane glass and called ñSomething Blue.î Or, a white chocolate and vodka concoction could be poured in a cocoa-rimmed martini glass and named the ñNow Married-tini.î With so many choices and so little time, you may want to start your taste testing now!

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