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Sex, Drugs, and Groomsmen Gifts


Groomsmen gifts are one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning, as groom Mark Pearson quickly found. Like many men, he wanted groomsmen gifts that were unique, memorable and just a touch wild. To fit this criteria, many men choose shot glass chess or BB guns. Mr. Pearson however, selected absinthe as his groomsmen gifts of choice. Hmm. They must have been all out of chess sets...

Anyway, Pearson's mind was made up and he embarked on a mission to procure this elusive substance for his mates. But how to acquire groomsmen gifts that have been banned in most countries since the 1900s? Though the process did seem daunting, the desire for his groomsmen to see the famous green fairy was just too strong, and Pearson resolved to have these hallucinatory groomsmen gifts shipped over from Germany. Talk about dedication! Less than two weeks later and just shy of $200, his forbidden groomsmen gifts arrived on his doorstep. We would love to be a fly on the wall in that bachelor party!

Though this may seem like a rather unconventional choice for groomsmen gifts, we have to admit absinthe does have some of the qualities GroomStand looks for when grading potential choices. For one thing, it comes in a variety. For another thing, it involves a ceremony, like Sake or cigars (the French style of serving absinthe includes adding water over a cube of sugar on a slotted spoon into a glass of water). Next off, (and perhaps most importantly) it's something neither the groom nor the groomsmen will ever be able to get away with after they are married. And lastly, Pearson of course hoped purchasing such an exotic elixir would help his groomsmen score with curious bridesmaids.

However, despite the thought that went into these groomsmen gifts, Pearson reported that the results were a bit disappointing. At the arranged sampling party, the groom and his groomsmen tried out the varieties of this hard-won vice. Though the bachelors reported being very buzzed off the black-licorice tasting substance, they were disappointed at the absence of green fairies, and found that absinthe leaves a hangover every bit as nasty as your average tequila bender. Better luck next time boys! But if you're looking for great groomsmen gifts, you've come to the right place...

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