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No-Brainer Groomsmen Gifts for Baseball Fans


As a guy, you probably dread shopping. But if your best men like baseball, you can't strike out with these groomsmen gifts. Here are a few no-brainer groomsmen gifts for baseball fans. Batters up!

Club Seats

Groomsmen baseball gifts Club Seats. It's your bachelor party and groomsmen gifts all rolled into one. Present your groomsmen with club seats and you'll be crowned king. Just make sure all your guys can attend game day. Get permission slips from their girlfriends if you have to. Bonus tip: Have your bachelor party on a beer bus. A party bus to the game costs less than Vegas and won't cause your fiancee a conniption.

Engraved Baseball Mugs

Engraved baseball bat mug

Engraved baseball mug. Every baseball fan needs a personalized Louisville Slugger. An engraved baseball bat brings back those Babe Ruth delusions of grander we had as kids. The only trouble is that baseball bats are notoriously difficult to wrap. But hey, you probably weren't going to wrap your groomsmen gifts anyway.

Personalized MLB Pub Signs

personalized pub sign

Personalized MLB Pub Signs. Half the fun of baseball season is the pre-game and post game at the team's designated spot. But what does one do during the off season? He stares longingly at his personalized pub sign, like a dog out the window, remembering great sports moments of seasons past. Bonus tip: Personalized pub signs are a must for any man-cave. Get yours well before you're banished to the basement forever.

Personalized Baseball Beer Steins

Baseball custom glassBaseball Sports Steins. One of the biggest complaints about baseball is the high cost of ticket prices, beer, and grub. How is it possible that a hot dog costs $6.00? If a groomsmen game day will leave you broke and penniless, consider a simple baseball beer stein.

Official MLB Cufflinks

MLB Cufflinks. He has 99 pieces of baseball flair. Why not add to it with official MLB cufflinks? Most guys hate penguin suits. A casual pair of cufflinks in the logo of his favorite team makes him feel comfortable in the tux and strike up conversations at the wedding. What a great groomsmen gift for the guy who wears team spirit on his sleeve!

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