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Keep Your Hands Off My Shaft!


That will be the battle cry from your closest friends when they fight to keep these great looking groomsmen gifts away from your other golfer buddies. I once had a prized possession putter stolen from my bag and I was literally unable to get out of bed for a week I was so disappointed. I kept thinking I'd see it in other people's bags and I'd look at the golfers suspiciously. Now if I'd have owned a Personalized Blade Putter that had my name on it, I'd have had a leg to stand on when digging through eighty year-old knickerbocker wearing old men's golfing bags. Make other groomsmen envious when they see this great looking toe-heel zinc head (weighted at 327 grams) putter. A conversation might go as follows, "Hey man, what groomsmen gifts did you get at your buddy's wedding?" - "Um, I got a cool set of headphones. What did you get?" - and you can answer him with a, "I got a highly stylish, highly effective, personalized hand crafted, hickory putter that will win me thousands of dollars every weekend on the course. Have fun with your headphones.""

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