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At least that's true when you're the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh. Buckingham Palace recently unveiled 60 facts about the couple to mark their diamond wedding anniversary. The facts go as far back as their four month engagement all the way up to the present and their anniversary celebrations. It's interesting to read about the details, like say a platinum and diamond engagement ring. Or maybe reading about some special wedding guests to attend (King and Queen of Denmark, the King and Queen of Yugoslavia, the Kings of Norway, Romania and the Shah of Iran). But from all of the information about the two, one of the coolest has to be that Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten (the Duke) had not one, but two stag parties. For the first one the press were invited to tag along and then afterwards, that same night, he went with his groomsmen and the rest of his closest friends over to the Belfry Club. Nice. Now whatever gifts he got for his groomsmen were probably out of most people's leagues, but that's not to say that there aren't some cool major league ones available for us (those European leagues never get things right). Like for instance an NFL team money clip or even their own home run slugger with their name on it. Whatever the case just be relieved that you don't have to get gifts as expensive as the ones Philip did, I mean that would suck having that much money...

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