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5 High End Groomsmen Gifts that Will Separate you from the Rest

Your groomsmen are an amazing group of guys, otherwise, they wouldn't me your groomsmen. They may be a long-standing group of friends from elementary school, your buddies from college, or your or your...

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Wedding Celebrations Leading Up to the Big Day

The reception after a wedding ceremony isn't the only party that most couples that part in. Typically there is a packed schedule of events celebration the union of the bride...

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Manly Tasks New Grooms Must Tackle

Getting married means you have to step up your man game. From squishing bugs to changing tire, find out the skills it takes to keep your new bride happy and...

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Kids on Dating, Love and Marriage

Oh, kids say the funniest things, especially youngsters who are thinking about what love and marriage means because they’ve been asked to participate in a wedding as a flower girl,...

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How To Mediate Wedding Conflict

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience. And, we’re not just talking about finding a venue, planning a reception and purchasing best man gifts and groomsmen gifts.

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How to Pick Your Groomsmen and Best Man

“How to pick your groomsmen,” we’ve talked about this sometimes touchy issues before on But, in the scheme of wedding planning for a guy, it’s a pretty big deal,...

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Tuxedo Time _ How to Wear it Well

Tuxedo Time _ How to Wear it Well

If you want to look sharp in your tuxedo, you need to make sure it fits perfectly. Even the most...

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How to Keep a Groom From Vomiting at the Altar

What’s the worst that could happen at your wedding? As the groom, you could bumble through your vows, maybe forget to put gas in the getaway car, or realize...

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How to Balance Bowl Games and your Bride

Guys who love collegiate football as much as their lovely brides-to-be (errr, almost as much as their brides-to-be), typically find themselves in a conundrum if wedding festivities are scheduled...

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