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Personalized 5pc. Party Glassware Set

Item #: SS-8029
  • Measures: 16.5oz. Stemmed Pilsner 16oz. Classic Pilsner 64oz. Growler 20oz. Curved Pilsner 16oz. Beer Can Glass


Two for you, Two for you and of course, one to store the brew! Our Personalized 5 Piece Party Glassware set is quintessential for any brew lover's home or wet bar collection.  Whether it be for each of your best guys or for the bachelor party, our Custom engraved 5 piece party glassware set features 4 glasses intentionally designed to enhance the taste of most beers. This set includes 1 each of the following: 16. oz Stemmed Pilsner, 16 oz. Classic Pilsner, 64 oz. Growler, 20 oz. Curved Pilsner, 16 oz. beer can glass. Each vessel is made from Clear hand-blown glass and is dishwasher safe.

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