Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Gifts

Now that you’ve got your groomsmen gifts picked out, it’s time to turn your attention to the littlest attendants. No wedding picture is complete without some adorable cherubs adorning the wedding party, so don’t forget ring bearer gifts and flower girl gifts to thank them for contributing their diamond-toting, petal-tossing dexterity to your Big Day. Be warned, the wee ones are very discerning customers, but luckily our great gift section has everything you need to please even the coolest customer.

You can apply much of what you learned from groomsmen gifts shopping to this new gift purchasing process. What do they like? What are their favorite colors? Do they collect anything? Prankster ring bearers might enjoy a goofy gift like a yo-yo or a harmonica. A dainty flower girl may prefer a pretty pink backpack or ballet slipper sign. Kids bring humor, character, and seemingly bottomless cuteness to your Big Day, so now that you have your groomsmen gifts, take a little time to shop for the tykes in the group. Most ring bearers and flower girls are family members generously on loan from their doting parents. Reward their good faith by making sure their kids have a fabulous wedding day as little stars of the show. Another hot wedding trend is to forgo the traditional bridesmaid and groomsmen and just have a crowd of little ones precede you down the aisle. The Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross did this in her wedding, and the photos were quite touching. If you don’t have many close male friends or can’t figure out groomsmen gifts, a wee wedding party is a charming option and you could just buy a round of train banks and be done with it.

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