Mens Fashion Accessories

The groomsmen you've known for years (such as school chums) or those more recently introduced (such as the bride’s brother) should all equally be honored for their contributions to your wedding day with thoughtful groomsmen gifts. We have personalized groomsmen accessories that give cookie-cutter formal attire a dapper dash of individuality. A vintage-inspired pocket watch engraved with his name will hang with a distinguished air from his tuxedo vest – not only will these personalized groomsmen accessories become immediate prized possessions, they’ll help ensure he gets to the chapel on time!

Tie tacks, lapel pins and collar stay clips all make practical yet posh choices in personalized groomsmen accessories and the engraved cufflinks that punctuate his cuffs, will be perfectly parked after hours in one of our many sophisticated storage containers. He’ll appreciate your efforts to keep his men’s accessories safe, scratch-free and organized in style. 

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