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“We believe in offering consumers the products they want most with the highest degree of personalization so a commodity turns into a memorable and cherished possession.” Ramin Ramhormozi, Founder.

Founded in 2003, Shopping Stand, Inc. combines drive, passion, leading edge technology and a deep base of experience, creating category-definingng company that is a dominant market player in the personalized gift market. Shopping Stand, Inc. currently operates GroomStand.com, specializing in personalized gifts for men and groomsmen. GroomStand.com was the first store we launched back in 2003 and it remains our most important.  We take pride in making sure grooms find the best gifts possible for their groomsmen and they get them on time, after all the wedding can be stressful enough. With our solid set of values, passion for stellar customer service and leading edge technology, Shopping Stand, Inc. will continue to find ways to bring value to our customers, employees, suppliers, strategic partners and investors. 

Our Values


Shopping Stand, Inc. believes in bringing fun, exciting and quality products to our customers rather than merely acting as selling agents for our suppliers. Our prices will always be fair, allowing our company to earn a profit and continue to grow in a sustainable manner.


The customer is always given the benefit of the doubt. Shopping Stand, Inc. will do everything within the bounds of its policies to resolve a matter in a timely and friendly manner. The company promises to ship each order with care and in a timely manner.


Shopping Stand, Inc. strives to be on top, implementing the latest and most appropriate technology to keep its sites and systems ahead of the curve. The company believes effective technology can enhance both the user's experience on its sites and its employees' and strategic partners' experience with our systems.


Shopping Stand, Inc. strives to find the best products for its customers and negotiate the best possible prices. Keeping the lines of communication open with suppliers is critical. The company will offer praise and feedback as appropriate and work carefully with suppliers when the company sees areas for potential improvement.


Shopping Stand, Inc. hires only the friendliest and smartest individuals to join the company. It wants individuals to flourish by challenging themselves to learn new things while always keeping the best interest of the company at heart. Shopping Stand, Inc. wants its employees to excel in individual thinking as well as work easily as part of a team.

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