Our Team of Custom Wedding Toast Writers

We employ a freelance staff of talented writers who have extensive public speechwriting experience. Their backgrounds range from network television comedy writing, executive speechwriting for Fortune 1000 companies, columnists for wedding publications, to article writing for online humor magazines. This unique combination of skills allows us to provide our customers with the perfect blend of humorous, heartfelt and memorable sentiments for their toast.


Our writers are lead by our Toastmaster, Jennifer Fisher, who is a past advertising professional, current lifestyle blogger and ongoing freelance writer who has a knack for crafting memorable toasts for all members of a wedding party. By incorporating the perfect personalized touches, such as sentimental stories and funny anecdotes, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind toast that is faster, easier and intended-to-be-better than putting pen to paper yourself. Jennifer understands that every occasion is different and is ready to meet your unique wedding toast needs in a way that strikes the right balance between warmth, wisdom and humor, ensuring you hit all the right notes on the big day.

The level of writing expertise available through our custom wedding toast service is not typically available to the general public and would be cost prohibitive if secured independently.


We look forward to creating The Perfect Toast for your next event.

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