Sample Custom Wedding Toasts

Best Man Toast

...When Craig asked me to be the best man at his wedding, I was truly honored. We've been friends for about twelve years now and I think of him almost like a brother. Which is why I put him in a head lock and told him he'd better make Lori a happy woman or else I'd pound him. Obviously, Lori is the best thing that's ever happened to Craig. She is without a doubt a wonderful person. And despite the hard time I give Craig, I can honestly tell you he has a heart of gold. The two of them together make an incredibly special couple. I really am honored to stand up for my two friends today, so that I may wish them every happiness imaginable...


Maid of Honor Toast

...Only six months ago, Erin honored me by being my maid of honor at my wedding. And so it an enormous privilege to return the favor today at hers. Well, what can I say about these two special friends of mine? Erin and Michael are such a perfect couple, I think it must have been fated for them to be together. Erin has the biggest heart and the most giving spirit of anyone I know. And Michael is one of the most caring and thoughtful men I've ever met... next to my own husband, of course. Because I know them both so well, I can tell you that Erin and Michael really are like two halves of the same soul - they share so much in common. They both love to cook, ski, jog, camp, sail, listen to jazz, and collect antique furniture. And they also are two of the biggest slobs on the planet. All I can tell you is, I really pity their cleaning person — especially when they get home today with all those wedding gifts. Well, Erin and Michael may be a bit rumpled around the edges, but inside they both have hearts of gold...


Bride's Parents Toast

...As a father, seeing my beautiful, precious daughter married today is an occasion that fills me with many emotions – some of them conflicting. On the one hand, I am bursting with pride at seeing my Elisabeth all grown up and ready to embark on this exciting new chapter in her life, together with her wonderful new husband, Tom. On the other hand, it makes me just a little sad saying farewell to that sweet little girl who loved to giggle and scream when we'd take fast toboggan rides in New Hampshire. Or who'd take sheer delight in hiding daddy's car keys just before it was time to go to school. And though I'm sure she'd prefer it if I didn't dredge up any more of those childhood memories today, I just want her to know how much we love her. And that we are overjoyed that she has found someone so terrific as Tom to share the rest of hers with. We wish you both every imaginable happiness in life and look forward to many more joyous occasions to come...


Groom's Parents Toast

...As a mother, nothing could make me prouder today than watching my son marry this beautiful, brilliant and amazing young woman, whom I just adore. You know, after raising three boys, I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have a daughter. Rachel, welcome to the family. By the way, when can we go dress shopping together? You don't know how long I've yearned to say that to one of my children...


Groom's Toast

...Before the wedding started, I was kind of nervous that I'd do something stupid and embarrass myself. But then I realized that as long as I've got my brother, the king of klutz at my side, I'll never have anything to worry about. Thanks for being here, Mike. You know, when I look at Karyn, in that stunning wedding gown, I think she must be the most beautiful bride to have ever walked down the aisle. And since the first day we met three years ago, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Today, I know I am definitely the luckiest man ever...


Bride's Toast

...And I'd especially like to thank my maid of honor and my bride's maids -- Geena, Beth, Sylvia and Sue, you are the best friends a person could have. Thank you for your love, your support, and your willingness to wear peach. And last, but definitely not least, I want to thank my handsome new husband. Patric. Having you in my life has made me so aware of how much joy and happiness a person can feel. Each and every day I wake up next to you has been better than the last. You have taught me how to laugh, love and cry. And because of you, I now appreciate how precious it is to have two lives become one. In the words of the poet, Roy Croft: I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you...


Groomsman Toast

...What can I say about Walter and Stanza? Ever since the first day they met, I doubt there has existed a more happy couple. It seems like they compliment each other in every way possible. He loves to camp, she loves to hike. He loves to cook, she loves to bake. He loves to travel, she loves to sightsee. He loves to sing, she loves to listen. And though they've only known each other for two short years, anyone can plainly see that their love is the kind that will last an eternity...


Bridesmaid Toast

...When Tanya asked me to be one of her bride's maids, I was truly honored. We've been best friends ever since we met in third grade. And over the years we've shared a lot great memories? Like the time we used her mom's blender to make banana marshmallow mud pies. Or the time we snuck into the boy's locker room in high school on a dare. Or the time we decided to shaving cream one of our assistant professor's cars, only to find out later the car we nailed was the Chancellor's. I'm pretty sure Tanya would prefer it if I didn't tell you any more, so instead I'll simply congratulate my dear old friend and her terrific husband as they begin this exciting new journey together...


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