Custom Wedding Toast Service - How it Works

Step 1: Select your toast type (ie. best man, maid of honor, etc). You will be taken directly to the questionnaire for that toast.


Step 2: The questionnaire is separated into 3 sections, your profile, toast questions and secure checkout. In the "your profie" section we ask for your contact information, in the "toast questions" section we'll ask you all about the couple, wedding details, etc. Try to be as detailed as possible. All information provided to us will remain secure and will only be used by our writers to craft your toast.


Step 3: Pay for your toast. We take, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. The checkout process is 100% secure and all information is encrypted through our secure transaction system.


Step 4: We start working on your custom toast. If we are unclear or have additional questions we'll either call or email you. The faster you get back to us, the faster we finish your toast.


Step 5: We deliver your toast via email to the address you provided on the questionnaire. There is no charge for delivery. Additionally, we also provide you with a link to tips from our expert writers on how to deliver the perfect toast. We want you to be completely satisfied and comfortable with the words in your toast so if you need us to modify any part of it, simply reply to the email and let us know what you'd like to change.


Step 6: Time to give your toast! Of course, we'd love to hear back from you once it's over. There's a feed back link at the bottom of the email that says "feed back."



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