Personalized Travel Leather Domino Set

Item #: SS-2014
  • Measures: Case: 5" x 2"
  • Domino (ea): 3/4? x 1 1/2?


The oldest domino sets have been dated from around 1120 A.D. Modern Dominoes, as most of the Western world knows them, however, appear to be a Chinese invention. Maybe that's a bit more history than you and your groomsmen needed to know, but we always feel it's best to know the history of a great game before you give out these great sets as groomsmen gifts. 

This handsome modern domino set comes in a genuine leather pouch (with a magnetic closure) and is compact making it a great companion for those long trips. The front of the pouch (as shown) and can be personalized with up to 3 initials. Please note: this is a travel size game. Comes with playing instructions - Double 6: 28 tiles, 168 pips.

Note: Dominoes do not have metal spinners.

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Personalized Travel Leather Domino Set