Silver-Plated Pocket Watch

Item #: SS-5364
  • Measures: 2 1/4" by 1 3/4 inches with a 12 inch chain


Well, just look at the time! Take a glance at your Silver-Plated Pocket Watch, queue the music, and line the guys up for their role in your wedding because today you are getting married. Who knew fate would bring you here, but at least you and your best men will be ready for your meeting with destiny at the appointed time. An oh-so-apropos choice for groomsmen gifts.

Shining like a knight in silver armor, this silver-plated timepiece is crafted with a black face that makes the silver numerals 'pop' and a 12-inch chain for hanging from tuxedo trousers. Not all pocket watches have seconds, but ours does to ensure that your timeliness keeps you marriage material. For personalized groomsmen gifts, the recipient's initials may be engraved onto the case in block letters.

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Black Face Silver-Plated Pocket Watch
Silver-Plated Pocket Watch